Executive Coaching Testimonials for Kathleen Redmond

Jean Rousseau

Executive Business Director, Quebec. Strategic Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Medical Products

Essentially, Kathleen was made available to me through a follow up coaching session on Emotional Intelligence. This project is driven through many J&J companies but Johnson & Johnson Medical Products Canada really puts emphasis on one on one coaching sessions to make sure that each employee attending this training program can enjoy its full benefits and activate the skills as soon as possible.

The sessions were 40-45 minutes telephone discussions where we were able to touch on many topics pertaining to Emotional Intelligence concepts and skills as it pertains to leadership skills. Having gone through many executive programs in my 30 year career in the healthcare industry, at the start, I was quite skeptical that those sessions will be productive and efficient.

But Kathleen proved me wrong; she was able to get me interested, motivated throughout the six sessions. More importantly for me, she was capable of challenging my pre-conceived ideas and perceptions; she was also extremely successful at gently forcing me to challenge my own thinking while making me feel quite comfortable in the change process. In a nutshell, she was capable of teaching new tricks to an old dog….

To summarize Kathleen’s behaviours during those sessions:

a) Extremely good and exceptional listener able to detect the indicators and the clues in the non verbal content of the discussion.

b) Well focused and very efficient at keeping our discussion on track and related to the subject/topic.

c) Acts very professionally and is able to detect when she needs to stop digging. She is also able to find when it is time to move on to another topic.

d) She knows her content inside out and is extremely efficient at using all her knowledge to provide me with examples and ask timely questions.

Christopher Chen

Team Lead, Leadership Development Branch Ministry of Education Instruction and Leadership Development

Kathleen’s insights are incisive and enable effective development. I gained more focus and a clearer self-understanding after working with her; this has helped me to work better and engage my colleagues more effectively. I benefited from working with Kathleen in both a one-on-one and group context, when she facilitated my branch’s annual retreat. She was skillful in managing the group’s dynamics and leading people to engage with each other more constructively. We’re following up on the suggestions she provided, and it has helped us to become a more cohesive team.

Keith Postill

Manager, Confederation Freezers

I brought Kathleen Redmond into Labatt’s Toronto Brewery ten years ago to help us with training. During those 10 years as an external consultant she provided many services to us. One task we challenged her with was developing and delivering a coaching program for our front line supervisors. She facilitated a program that taught our managers how to set agendas, explore options, remove barriers, celebrate successes, etc. The program was so successful; National Office implemented the program in all plants across Canada. Kathleen spent considerable time in these facilities delivering the training. Kathleen is committed to coaching. She follows up with review training and specific conflicts that require her support.

I consider Kathleen to be my personal coach. She has helped me in so many areas in my professional and personal life. She is well respected in the Labatt organization as managers from various levels call on her for support. Senior mangers bring her in on key strategy sessions. I no longer work for Labatt Breweries. I am now a facility manager for Confederation Freezers. My mandate here is to turn the culture around. I am getting to the point where I will be calling Kathleen looking to bring her coaching skills to this organization. In summary, Kathleen is an excellent coach!

Lynn Woodcroft

Manager, Organizational Readiness. Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Kathleen Redmond accomplished many things during her contract with the Organizational Readiness Unit in 2009/10. It was a delight working with her.

In addition to initiating work on our Employment and Training Division’s cultural assessment, Kathleen worked with the results of our 2009 Employee Engagement Survey and conducted focus groups with leaders and employees across the province to provide recommendations for fulfilling one of our strategic mandates: building a high performance team and culture. Thanks to her involvement in this important initiative, we are well on the way to building an appropriate strategy and developing relevant tactics.

Kathleen’s unique style of blending personal warmth with professional expertise opened doors for us with staff that were previously inaccessible. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

John Walker, MBA

Dean – The Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts. George Brown College

I have used the services of Center for Character Leadership several times and in particular I have found Kathleen’s coaching services and resources extremely valuable in working though complex leadership challenges of the workplace.

Kathleen takes the time to do and in depth review of the issues at hand with you. She is an excellent listener, understands the nuances and accountability issues of the workplace and from a coaching perspective challenges you to look at yourself, grow from your strengths and leverage them, and how to  contain your weaknesses.

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