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Transforming your workplace to be a respected, engaged, high trust culture of character through coaching, training and assessments.

Kathleen Redmond, MA, MCC (leadership coach certified at the highest level by International Coaching Federation) founded this company in 1993. In this 25th year she is delighted to welcome two Associates, Patrick McCann and Michael Chadsey. Supported by a talented, experienced support team, we serve leaders in creating respectful, high-performance cultures founded on positive character and effective communication.

We work closely with leaders to determine their departmental and organizational objectives and values, and then support them in building trust, cultivating engagement, and achieving sustainable success.

Our key areas of focus are:

1: Executive Coaching; a one-on-one, confidential coaching relationship supports leaders in achieving your goals and managing the demands of the constantly changing workplace. A coach is a trusted, supportive, sounding board – an objective “thinking partner” who helps identifies your strengths, offers honest, constructive feedback and helps you find solutions the workplace issues that keep you up at night.

2: Coaching in a Character Culture Tools and Skills.

  • The Leader as Coach Training Opportunities: Both an in-house workshop and on-line training is facilitated by Kathleen Redmond and Pat McCann.
  • Team Member Communication Skills. In-house team member training in listening skills, offering and receiving feedback, aligning to organizational goals and values and taking ownership for performance.

3: Transforming your Department or Organization toward a Character Culture – Organizational and leadership assessments and support to achieve your organizational goals and aspired culture.


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New online learning sessions! 

Becoming your Authentic Self at Work

Course One: Your Character - Enjoy your Work more.

Six week online learning program facilitated by Kathleen.

“I am into my fifth week of the “Becoming Your Authentic Self at Work” six-week course. I have learned a lot about my own character, developing a heightened self-awareness and learning to cope with stressful situations in the workplace as well as at home. Our entire staff is taking this training!”

Cindy Ault

Manager, Human Resources, Safety & Compliance

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Executive Coaching

Individual engagements to create a character culture for integrity, engagement and results.


Coaching for Performance

Learning opportunities for leaders to develop the tools and skills to establish clear expectations, support progress and facilitate results.


Books, Tips & Tools

Organizational and leadership assessments and support to achieve your goals and aspired culture.


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Book Launch: Book Three in La Maison du Parc Series

Now available- Coaching in a Character Culture

"Kathleen Redmond's latest book in her trilogy, which chronicles the business journey of La Maison du Parc, is a brilliant and much-welcome installment in her movement to inspire organizations to manifest business success through the creation of a character culture. This is a transformational 'must-read' for any organization that has awoken to the reality that it will only meet its strategic objectives if it gets its people-management strategies and workplace culture right."

Laura K. Williams - Principal, Williams HR Law Professional Corporation

Please note some links in our books have been updated and revised since publication. Email us for the latest ones as needed.



"Being coached by Kathleen was an exceptional experience.

It was a private, confidential way to deal with issues important to me and critical for success as a leader in a demanding, fast-paced environment. I felt supported, understood, and had a safe place to deal with sensitive topics. The engagement with Kathleen benefited me, my team and my company. I recommend her knowledgeable, supportive approach and services."

Bruce Coull,

Sales Leader, Fortune 100 Company

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©  2020  Centre for Character Leadership. All rights reserved.

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