About Us:

Our goal is to work towards transforming your workplace to be a respected, engaged, high trust culture of character through coaching, training and assessments.

The Centre for Character Leadership is comprised of people of good character supporting leaders in creating character-based, healthy, engaged, effective workplaces.

Kathleen started the business in 1993 (Redmond & Associates) and over the last few years, to honour our Associates and clearly explain our approach, the company name has become the Centre for Character Leadership.

Our clients are at the heart of our work and are consulted at every step to ensure transparency, true collaboration and appropriate support.

Our Associates have a solid track record for excellent, client-focused work.

Associates bring individual skills and backgrounds.

They are certified to offer our programs and assessments as indicated on their individual biographies.

Our Advisory Team is comprised of individuals and companies who share our values and offer complementary services.

Through our assessments, coaching, training and resources we support leaders in creating a highly-effective, character-based (people doing the right things in the right way) team.

Our work spans working with leaders focused on their own team or the entire organization.


Celebrating 25 years of service!

Feeling grateful, excited, and ready for more.

It's gratifying how important the work we do is. When the Centre for Character Leadership was launched 25 years ago, my vision was to dedicate our work to building organizational cultures where people felt physically and emotionally safe, respected, and rewarded for doing great work.

Why? Because research shows that psychologically safe workplaces result in engaged employees, reduced turnover, and an enjoyable, productive work environment -- leading to improved organizational results.

I am proud that the Centre for Character Leadership has been raising awareness of what it means to have a 'safe' workplace -- that safety is not just about ensuring physical aspects of safety, it's also about every employee's mental and emotional safety. It's about attitudes, values, and beliefs that guide workplace behaviours -- from civcivility and respect, to building trust between management and employees.

We are grateful to the like-minded and thoughtful individuals we've connected with over the years who have supported our passion for character values.

To celebrate 25 years, we are reflecting on the great work we have done, while also thinking of ways we can continue to transform workplaces and bring about 'renewal' in our constantly-changing world.

Here are some of the ways we can help your organization build a character culture.

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