Kathleen Redmond has extensive experience with these assessments:

Snapshot Engagement and Cultural Survey

A brief, anonymous, 30 question survey targeting the following areas;

• The Organization,

• Organizational Culture, Values and Safety (support to speak up and be heard)

• Your Job

• Rewards, Recognition and Support

• Individual Development

• Open-ended questions customized for the organization

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Organizational Character Culture Survey

What is organizational culture? It means different things to different people, but has been broadly defined as employees’ behaviours, habits, and actions as well as their assumptions and beliefs. An organization’s culture runs deep and wide – how employees (at all levels) think, feel, and behave has an impact on culture – and much of this happens without much conscious intent. Culture has been described as the “organization’s soul, shaped through success and setback” (Patrick Lencioni 2012). 

This survey assesses the key elements of a Character Culture. 

  • The “what and why” found in the five Pillars; 
  • Create Clarity, Commit to Accountability, Coach for Progress, Collegiality, and Collaborate for Results.  
  • The four Values, “how people work together;”
  • Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Courage.  
  • Employment Engagement assessment is included. The survey can be customized to include additional organizational values.

Leadership by Engagement 360 Degree Assessment

Tap the perspective of your own leader, peers, direct reports and clients. This report provides a graphical display of an individual's comparative performance in five engagement strategies that are based on Kathleen Redmond's book "Leadership by Engagement". The five strategies are  Clarify the Culture, Know your Character, Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Harness Conflict, plus an overlay strategy called Build Trust. The report provides a visual display of how an individual engages when communicating at work.

MBTI® – Myers Briggs Type Indicator®

Reveal personality differences and similarities through this tried and true method. Learn how to develop successful teams based on personal characteristics and preferences. Myers Briggs Type Indicator® is used as an individual or team resource in several of the Centre’s programs and services.

True Colors®/Personality Dimensions®

Turn preferences into performance. Using the True Colors® concept on its own or as a program tool, reveal your team’s preferences for leading, following, doing or creating. This resource is an excellent icebreaker for conferences or workshops.

BarOn EQ-i®

The Bar-On model describes emotional-social intelligence as a cross-section of interrelated emotional and social competencies, skills and facilitators that impact intelligent behaviour. BarOn EQ-I is used as a component in several of the Centre’s programs and services.


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