Leadership by Engagement

Leadership By Engagement: Leading Through Authentic Character to Attract, Retain and Energize

Author: Kathleen Redmond, MCC, 2009


Building in a Character Culture

Book one in the La Maison du Parc series is Building a Character Culture for Trust and Results in the Workplace.

Author: Kathleen Redmond, MCC, 2013


Communicating in a Character Culture

Book two in the La Maison du Parc series is Communicating in a Character Culture with Tact, Integrity and Courage in the Workplace.

Author: Kathleen Redmond, MCC, 2014


Coaching in a Character Culture.

Book three in the La Maison du Parc series is Coaching in a Character Culture for Purpose, Potential and Performance in the Workplace.

Author: Kathleen Redmond, MCC, 2018


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Leadership by Engagement - Book Info and Testimonials 

How do leaders triumph over the stress of unwanted turnover and poor performance to attain superior results? True leaders build a culture of engagement and trust in which ongoing high performance is the norm. Leadership by Engagement provides the tools, insights, and resources leaders need to attract, attain, retain, and energize the best of the workforce and ensure sustainable success


Director, Service Culture Development. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Leadership by Engagement is a must-read for any manager who wants to improve team focus, communication and productivity: a compelling message delivered with humour and insight, and an excellent resource for new and experienced leaders.

Director, Labour Relations & Training, North American Construction Group

Kathleen has written a powerful yet simple “how to” guide on engaging employees that can be used by managers and supervisors at all levels, By applying these simple yet often ignored principles, managers will find leading and maintaining high employee engagement the easiest part of their job!



Book One in the La Maison du Parc series - Building a Character Culture - Book Info and Testimonials

Building a Character Culture lays an integral foundation for creating trust and result in the workplace through real life/business scenarios which play out at LaMaison du Parc. Kathleen’s teachings are further substantiated with well researched facts and hands-on tools and examples that all who follow her work can benefit from tremendously.


National Sales Manager, Global 100 Company:

Kathleen hits the bulls eye with her Character Culture approach; create clarity regarding what needs to be achieved, give people guidelines on how to work together, and do it all with integrity and decency. How else can success either be achieved or matter?


Author and Speaker:

This book marries the wisdom of Stephen Covey with the story telling of Ken Blanchard…its practical suggestions make it a must-have handbook for leaders who care.

Mayor, Town of East Gwillimbury:

In her usual style, Kathleen provides, through a great story, easy steps to follow when introducing a Character Culture in a business environment. This innovate guide is a true winner!

The MBO Group Inc.:

This is more than a book – it is a compendium with a powerful story, well researched insights, and practical tools. This book is definitely a keeper!



Book two in the La Maison du Parc series - Communicating in a Character Culture - Book Info and Testimonials

Communicating in a Character Culture - with Tact, Integrity and Courage in the Workplace continues the story as it plays out at the La Maison du Parc restaurant, and follows the day-to-day experiences, challenges and solutions that Claire (the owner), the managers, and staff, hope to find, as they work towards developing healthy, constructive communication with the help of an Executive Coach.


Personal Development Coach:


I’ve never seen an organizational performance book where a captivating story and an evidenced-based framework fuse so craftily to stir the leader reader in contemplating the daunting task of creating a character culture in her organization! This book from Redmond reads like a novel but provokes thought like a leadership classic through its comprehensive and methodical culture-shaping process. The metaphor of the “character home” as the setting for the building of a “character culture” is one of many brilliant ways the author conveys the significance and benefits of morphing reactive workplaces into intention-driven workplaces where TRUST is palpable, VALUES shared, and BELIEFS checked. This book will best serve the leader who embraces coaching as a means of communicating with and engaging the workforce in the context of an important change initiative in an organization of any type or size.



Kathleen has combined an easy reading short story with an excellent learning experience,along with the evidence to back it up. The result is a great reference book which is psychologically sound and clearly stated. The use of practical applications allows the reader to apply to any situation, home or office. Well done.


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