Set your team up for success

 Feb 5, 2019 8:00 AM

 Set your team up for success

I have been working with my Business Coach in the last few months to help gain clarity around what I want to achieve in 2019. Having a plan with clear objectives, monthly actions, an accountability strategy (monthly update meetings with my coach), and milestones, helps me to feel focused and to stay on track.

If you are a team leader, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that your team members are set up for success. Many teams fail to execute on business strategy due to a lack of goal clarity, lack of individual accountability for results, and inability of team members to work well and collaborate together.

Are your team members clear about the what, why, and how of their performance goals? Do you know who is poised for success in 2019 and who isn't?

When you meet with each team member this month for your regular coaching session, it may be a good time to find out if they are clear about their goals (and the purpose), and if they need support to ensure success.

The five pillars of our Character Culture framework can act as a good reminder for the important elements required to build and sustain the trust needed to bring out the best in each person on your team:

Create Clarity: Walk through each person's individual project responsibilities and goals - find out if they are clear about the purpose and the results expected for the short and long-term. If not, create the clarity needed by building a clear plan together.

Commit to Accountability: In a workplace focused on collaborative goals, we all need to share responsibility in the issue of accountability. Ensure each person on your team acknowledges and commits to accountability for their individual commitments, goals, and behaviours.

Coach for Performance: Make consistent time to coach and support people on your team so that they are set up for success -- listen and find out what they need to help them carry out their role and deliver on promises.

Cultivate Collegiality: A collegial workplace supports people in working to their potential, so it is important to establish and maintain a climate that promotes inclusion. When meeting with each team member, look for signs that they feel a sense of belonging to the team. If not, ask open-ended questions to help them open up to you so you can problem solve any issues together.

Collaborate for Results: Business results are not achieved by one person - provide the structure and conditions to promote everyone working collaboratively to improve the organization and achieve goals. Ask each person who they are working with across the team / the organization to support them with their individual goals.

Finally, make sure you also talk to your coach and clarify what success will look like for you this year!

At the Centre for Character Leadership we are passionate about building cultures where business results are achieved within a trusting and collaborative environment.

My first book in the La Maison du Parc series, Building a Character Culture, provides foundational guidelines for how to build trust and results in the workplace -- and also tells a story with real life / business scenarios to illustrate how to do it.

Visit our website to learn more or to order one of my books.

Contact me if you would like some coaching around how to support your team members in achieving their performance goals or coaching for your own success.


Kathleen Redmond, MA, MCC

Kathleen Redmond

Kathleen Redmond is the Founder of the Centre for Character Leadership. She is certified Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), an author and Adjunct Professor of the University of Guelph’s MA Leadership Program.


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