Tips for successful summer vacations

 Jun 6, 2018 9:30 AM

Terry and I are planning a week in Victoria and Vancouver this summer. We are excited to have precious time with our younger daughter (Cassie, my step-daughter) and attend a wedding. It is the wedding of a friend's son -- we are at that stage of life! Part of our planning, is "how do we deal with emails / work communication while we are away?"

We all deserve to have a vacation that provides us with time for rejuvenation -- when you can go away and truly 'recharge'. In this month leading up to summer vacations, while we are all planning, it's a great time to think about how everyone on the team can work together to ensure success.

Summer vacations can mean disruption in the workplace OR an opportunity to create commitment to support each other in achieving goals. How can you and others avoid being that 'indispensable' person who goes on vacation but is reachable by email every day, just in case?

Some simple tips? Keep the 5 Cs in mind: Create, Commit, Coach, Cultivate, and Collaborate as these are the pillars for creating a character culture.

1: Create Clarity: Take time to meet with your team to create clarity around the purpose, goals, progress, and results expected on projects while you or others are away. As Patrick Lencioni so aptly put it: "clarity is the antidote to anxiety".

2: Commit to Accountability: In a workplace focused on collaborative goals, we all need to share responsibility in the issue of accountability. Determine who on the team will be the 'go-to' person while you or others are away; ensure they are empowered to hold people accountable.

3: Coach for Performance: Make time to coach and support people on your team. Ensure that team members are set up for success -- listen and find out what they need before you or others go away.

4: Cultivate Collegiality: Show that you care about your team and their work effort, especially those who will be expanding their responsibilities during vacation schedules. Perhaps it's a good time for a team lunch where everyone can talk about their vacation plans and get to know each other better.

5: Collaborate for Results: Encourage all team members to put forth their creative ideas on how to make summer vacations a successful time for everyone.

We have our own little plan, and my team is on stand-by to make sure we get the most free time possible. Their efforts will be reciprocated.

Coaching teams and setting them up for success is what I've devoted my career to. Email me if you would like some support to get set up for success this summer.

I wish you all a wonderful summer!


Kathleen Redmond, MA, MCC

Kathleen Redmond

Kathleen Redmond is the Founder of the Centre for Character Leadership. She is certified Master Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), an author and Adjunct Professor of the University of Guelph’s MA Leadership Program.


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