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Sales Leader, Fortune 100 Company

Being coached by Kathleen was an exceptional experience.

It was a private, confidential way to deal with issues important to me and critical for success as a leader in a demanding, fast-paced environment. I felt supported, understood, and had a safe place to deal with sensitive topics. The engagement with Kathleen benefited me, my team and my company. I recommend her knowledgeable, supportive approach and services.



Chief Executive Officer, Richmond Hill Public Library

I have known and worked with Kathleen for over ten years. She has had an amazing impact on our organization as a whole through extensive mentorship with our values and creating a culture for success. I have also seen a more confident, collaborative and aligned leadership team emerge, owing to her coaching and facilitation skills. She is articulate, empathetic but firm and is highly respected by all staff.




Regional Municipality of York

We were fortunate to have Kathleen Redmond as a facilitator for our coaching skills program. Our team of over 150 leaders, as well as groups at different levels within the organization, have been able to participate in these sessions. Kathleen has been warm, engaging and excellent at providing leaders with coaching techniques to work with development, performance and conversations at an honest, open level. Kathleen’s professional facilitation moved these full day sessions along in order to reach the objectives we and the participants set, yet provided a psychologically safe environment and time in which to practice these skills. Participants are using the communication tools from the workshop, and that is the best possible end result.

Kathleen’s books, Leadership by Engagement, and Building a Character Culture, will also be a terrific reference going forward. I highly recommend this workshop and Kathleen as a facilitator; however our participants said it best in this representative feedback comment: “Very applicable training with a focus on sharing. Thank you for this informative session. Excellent delivery.”



Team Lead, Leadership Development Branch Ministry of Education Instruction and Leadership Development

Kathleen’s insights are incisive and enable effective development. I gained more focus and a clearer self-understanding after working with her; this has helped me to work better and engage my colleagues more effectively. I benefited from working with Kathleen in both a one-on-one and group context, when she facilitated my branch’s annual retreat. She was skillful in managing the group’s dynamics and leading people to engage with each other more constructively. We’re following up on the suggestions she provided, and it has helped us to become a more cohesive team.




Manager, Confederation Freezers

I brought Kathleen Redmond into Labatt’s Toronto Brewery ten years ago to help us with training. During those 10 years as an external consultant she provided many services to us. One task we challenged her with was developing and delivering a coaching program for our front line supervisors. She facilitated a program that taught our managers how to set agendas, explore options, remove barriers, celebrate successes, etc. The program was so successful; National Office implemented the program in all plants across Canada. Kathleen spent considerable time in these facilities delivering the training. Kathleen is committed to coaching. She follows up with review training and specific conflicts that require her support.

I consider Kathleen to be my personal coach. She has helped me in so many areas in my professional and personal life. She is well respected in the Labatt organization as managers from various levels call on her for support. Senior mangers bring her in on key strategy sessions. I no longer work for Labatt Breweries. I am now a facility manager for Confederation Freezers. My mandate here is to turn the culture around. I am getting to the point where I will be calling Kathleen looking to bring her coaching skills to this organization. In summary, Kathleen is an excellent coach!




Manager, Organizational Readiness. Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Kathleen Redmond accomplished many things during her contract with the Organizational Readiness Unit in 2009/10. It was a delight working with her.

In addition to initiating work on our Employment and Training Division’s cultural assessment, Kathleen worked with the results of our 2009 Employee Engagement Survey and conducted focus groups with leaders and employees across the province to provide recommendations for fulfilling one of our strategic mandates: building a high performance team and culture. Thanks to her involvement in this important initiative, we are well on the way to building an appropriate strategy and developing relevant tactics.

Kathleen’s unique style of blending personal warmth with professional expertise opened doors for us with staff that were previously inaccessible. I wholeheartedly recommend her.


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