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Kathleen is delighted to present our associates. These individuals are known for their integrity, business skills, and excellence. The have chosen to work with the Centre for Character Leadership in order to offer our resources to their clients.



Patrick McCann is a Learning and Development professional with extensive experience delivering training solutions that align to organizational business strategy. Patrick has worked for some well known multi-national organizations in both the foodservice and retail industries like PepsiCo, Yum! Brands, Wendy’s International and Rexall Pharmacy Group.

As a leader, he has a track record of creating an engaging business environment that supports learning. He believes in strong leadership and the importance of modeling leadership values and behaviours. With his clients, he works collaboratively to understand their needs and find meaningful solutions.

He has designed and delivered successful programs in management development, team building, performance management, coaching, customer service and change management. He has trained thousands of front-line managers, multi-unit supervisors and executives.

Patrick’s experience has provided him with operational and strategic perspectives. He is comfortable at 40,000 feet or can be very hands-on. He has an ability to synthesize complex information and make it understandable. He has committed himself to be a true champion for learning.

Pat’s role in The Centre for Character Leadership:

  • Supporting the Snapshot Engagement and Cultural Survey
  • Business coach
  • Resource in transforming to a Character Culture
  • Supporting the Character Leader Book Club
  • Facilitating learning solutions including Coaching for Performance


There are a few people in your work life that you meet that are truly outstanding, Patrick McCann is one of them. He is a leader, he has humility, he is a wonderful person, is honest and has character! On top of that he is a world class Learning and Development practitioner. He has a terrific style and uses his collaboration skills to work with all functional areas of the business to meet the business needs. Pat solves business issues, plain and simple. Pat leads teams exceptionally well, enjoys leading teams and consistently develops his people into future leaders!It was my privilege to work beside Pat, learn from Pat and watch Pat solve numerous business challenges through outstanding instructional design, creative problem solving and project implementation planning and execution.

Steve Marshall, Director of Culture and Growth – Softchoice.

Pat is a very talented, knowledgeable, and driven Learning and Development professional. He is customer-centric, and able to deliver effective, value-added solutions that maximize business impact. Pat is a transparent, authentic leader who has strong values and ethics. He is adept at overcoming challenges, executing with excellence, and developing and engaging his team. He also has a fantastic sense of humour. I truly enjoyed working with Pat, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Mark Coulter – Senior Director of Talent

In my five years working with Pat, I found him to be the most dedicated and professional of partners. Always willing and enthusiastic about finding ways to support initiatives, I can't think of a situation in which he didn't immediately buy in and add immense value.
In managing the talent in his team, I was often impressed with the way in which he brought the right member of his group with the right outlook and skill set to support in the construction of training and development programs.
Never afraid to be innovative he also brought with him a great deal of experience in the art of knowledge transfer, leveraging the many programs he had created or worked with in his prior roles. As a presenter and trainer, Pat was among the very best I have ever seen, a natural at putting audiences at ease, while drawing out the very best from the room.
On a personal note as a colleague I also found his calm demeanor, sprinkled with just the right amount of humor and light-heartedness, a real pleasure to be around, especially when the heat was on to make a deadline .

Mark Hillard – Director of Operations

I had the opportunity to work directly with Pat on a number of projects and initiatives during our tenure at Wendy's Restaurants of Canada Inc, in his role as Director of Training and Operations Services. Pat is truly a unique individual who had the incredible ability to garner respect from all those he worked with. He was deeply respected by all levels within the organization from the most junior to the most senior for his incredible work ethic, efficiency, skill and sense of humour. Pat is a master at managing and executing multiple projects simultaneously with great efficiency and effectiveness and is highly organized. He was an enabler for those around him to be the best and to achieve great results. He always wanted to help make those around him and the brand to be the best, all while having fun. Pat was a tremendous asset to the organization and a complete joy to work with. Any leadership team would be very fortunate to have Pat on their team.

Susan Towle, Director of Quality Assurance and Government Relations

Pat is an amazing and passionate leader. He has a great ability to see the bigger picture and align the strategic goals of the business to training & development. Pat is also very supportive and is committed to the developed and success of his staff. It was great working with Pat, he is a true asset to any organization he works for.

Rosa Maio, Senior Recruitment Manager at Scotiabank




Michael’s career has focused on managing member-owned clubs including Essex, Westmount, St. George's and Thornhill Golf and Country Clubs.

In his role as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, he has worked with diverse staffs and volunteers in multi-faceted club environments, providing a high level of customer service and product quality.

Michael is acutely aware that the success of these businesses is dependent on employees and volunteers working harmoniously in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Leading teams of professionals skilled in agronomy, culinary arts, hospitality, financial management, human resources, sales and marketing and recreation, in member-owned environments governed by volunteer Boards can be challenging and Michael has cultivated an outstanding reputation in his field.

Michael’s role in The Centre for Character Leadership:

  • Business coach for senior leaders
  • Resource in transforming to a Character Culture
  • Working with Boards of Directors
  • Supporting the Snapshot Engagement and Cultural Survey
  • Supporting the Character Leader Book Club


I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Chadsey at Essex Golf & Country Club. I did have the opportunity to meet Mike on many occasions prior to us working together. I left a club that I really enjoyed working for, in order to work with Mike at Essex. When I think of Mike words like integrity, positive, supportive, intelligent, class and 'Mayoral' come to mind. I have referred to Mike as the Mayor for several reasons. Once when I was touring some younger members through the club we happened upon him. Mike shared a number of fascinating stories about Essex with the youngsters and he had them under his spell. At the conclusion of the stories, one of the young men, asked if he was the Mayor ! Fair to say the nickname has stuck for many reasons, most of all because Mike has a way of representing himself in a welcoming and professional manner.
I learned many things working for Mike and I often think of them and use them. The 'paying the bank' principle to deal with employee absence is a great theory. Finally, his ability to find something positive in difficult situations is a trait that everyone could learn from. Mike worked with a number of managers over their careers and he has helped many individuals in the club industry be promoted to Head Golf Professionals, Executive Chefs, Food and Beverage Directors and even General Managers.

I can say with certainty, that Mike was instrumental in my career development. Mike always seem to be able to provide a story to assist dealing with a sticky situation that you have on your plate.

Tal Czudner, CMM

General Manager, Essex Golf & Country Club


Michael Chadsey was the reason I joined the Club industry. I remember waiting to meet Mike for my first interview at the Thornhill Golf & Country Club, and feeling hesitant in a new environment. Within the first 5 minutes of sitting down with Mike, his charisma had won me over and I felt that he was a leader that I would be privileged to work for.

Mike was the General Manager and COO of the Club, and his under his leadership the senior management team reached a united level of professionalism and communication. Mike's personal values and friendly nature make those around him better, you want to rise up and do more to support what he does because you know he cares. In my time working with Mike, I developed a better understanding of my own core values and how to better interact with others who may not have shared the same viewpoints or sensitivities.

Mike would always put the team first, and we all (at the senior management level) felt genuinely supported both personally and professionally under his leadership and mentoring. Mike helped me to better understand my personal and professional values. This has been one of the most significant and lasting impacts he has had for me and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for, work with, learn from, and find a friend in Mike.

Achievements under Mike’s leadership;

1. Mike provided professional and seasoned leadership.

2. High functioning management team. We were all aligned, respected one another, and worked together. He provided coaching and mediation where necessary to align the management group.

3. Major $5M renovation member approval - the vote occurred in 2014 and its approval resulted in significant changes to the club. Mike guided the process and a successful vote was achieved by aligning the Board, finding alternative financing through capital fees and a capital pay back plan on the mortgage that was a shorter term and meeting with/managing expectations and voting groups within the membership. Mike was persistent and diplomatic in managing expectations and strategizing the proposal.

4. Managing the Renovation - there were a number of construction changes that arose during the renovation of an older facility. This was a test of Mike's dedication and persistence and the renovations were integral to the current success the Thornhill Club is experiencing. I don't think the renovations would have been as successful without Mike's work and leadership.

5. Together we refined the budgeting and financial analysis of the Club operations. As the Controller, I was able to build the Club's financial models and processes well under his leadership. These were aspects that were not professionally managed in the past.

6. The budgeting and financial analysis of the Club operations was refined and the Controller was supported in building the Club's financial models and processes under his leadership.

Aja Crawford, CPA, CMA

Financial Controller, The Thornhill Club




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